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  • Jackson & Jared: Everyday – Part Three.

     The day before the 4th of July I was very excited to shoot my little nephews at the beach!

    Jackson & Jared.

    These two couldn’t be more opposite of eachother. Jackson is older – he is the straight A student – loves helping adults and doing school projects – clean cut short hair – all american boy. Jared is the complete opposite. He is the rebel. He loves skate boarding. Playing the drums is his passion in life, I swear. Music in general. Getting banged up and roughing around is what he does best. And the long hair, amazing.

    But even though they are total opposites – they are truly brothers. Always looking out for one another and having a blast together. No matter what it is. They are eachother’s hero.

    I love watching siblings just hangout – it’s so cool. 

    boys_beach 013

    boys_beach 013

    boys_beach 013

  • Boys will be boys – Part one.

    I’m sitting in our apartment clubhouse as I’m typing this. Just picture a Big Bear cabin – that’s what it looks like. Awesome. I’m off in a corner…listening to a bible study. I got here earlier when no one was in here, and I had to run back to the apartment for one minute to switch laptops. I get back and there are people setting up with food and plates. I ask “did you guys rent out the room” – they replied “yes”…soooo bummed.. I go outside hoping I could get some of the wireless connection. But of course, the battery dies and there’s no outlet outside. So I start to get up and leave to go home (with no internet for this new post) and someone stops me and says I can come in while they use the room for their weekly bible study. As long as I don’t mind if they talk about God. Of course I didn’t, and I was grateful.

    They offered me food and internet!

    And, the topic they were talking about was overcoming challenges and it was actually really cool. I spent most of the time listening to it rather than using my laptop which was my original plan.

    We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair … 
    2 Corinthians 4:8

    So, back to the post…my husband and I went over to his parents again for more family fun! It was very fast paced and sweaty! But they’re boys…what do you expect?!